Identical Tiling in Maya and Substance Painter

The two software using different texture tiling method. But of course you can get identical results. You need this when you want to paint/generate only the masks in Painter and using its viewport as a preview for the actual shader network in Maya. Set the tiling (UV Scale) as you feel right in Substance Painter (use odd or even numbers). If you have an odd … Continue reading Identical Tiling in Maya and Substance Painter

Paint Effects Vertex Color as User Data

It’s great to have such a tool like Maya’s Paint Effects. A short and simple way to use the leaves color randomization feature as a texture modulation source: Create your beautiful plant with Paint Effects. 🙂 Use the leaf color randomization feature – you can see it in the viewport. (brush node -> Tubes -> Growth -> Leaves) Convert your plant to polygons with the … Continue reading Paint Effects Vertex Color as User Data

Send Geometry from Maya to Painter

There is a great tool to send geometry from Maya to Substance Painter, written by Victor Kam You can download it from the Allegorithmic forum:… (the maya2painter.7z file) Also I have a duplicated, modified version of it for UDIM. This is how you can do it: Duplicate the original plug-in folder Rename it (for example: maya2painterUDIM) open the import.qml file with a text editor Add … Continue reading Send Geometry from Maya to Painter

Maya Tips – part 1

This will be a long series. Cheers, D 1. Since Maya 2017 Update 3 we have a nice additional scripting feature called DASH. An example (randomizing positions in X and Z): Select more than one object Highlight (select) some attributes in the Channel Box (maybe Translate X and Z) ALT+RMB (on the selected channels) Type: rand(-500,500) More info about DASH from Ian Waters: Maya Help … Continue reading Maya Tips – part 1