Hi There,

Yes there is some information in the Arnold user guide on how to create one.
Except those are for one shader with two different colors on each side.

A double sided shader is useful to create realistic leaves, and other thin objects.

This is one way to create a double sided shader for Arnold.

  1. Create two aiStandard shaders.
    Name the first as front_shader and the second as back_shader.
  2. Create a samplerInfo node and a condition node.
  3. Connect the Flipped Normal (samplerInfo node) to First Term (condition node).
    Set the Second Term to 1. Set Operation to Equal.
  4. Connect the front_shader’s Message to Color If False (condition node), back_shader’s Message to Color If True (condition node).
  5. Create a surfaceShader.
  6. Connect the condition node’s Out Color to the surfaceShader’s Out Color.
  7. Assign the surfaceShader to an object.

Screenshot 2016-08-12 23.58.23

Cheers, D