Hi there,

After using the Hypershade In Maya 2017, the surface often becomes white in the Viewport.

If you experience that annoying bug, this is how you fix it. Unfortunately it is not a permanent fix (if you have one please share with us).

  • Select the object
  • Go to the mesh node (usually named as = *Shape#) -> Mesh Component Display
  • Check the Display Colors
  • Uncheck the Display Colors

That’s it.

Here is a simple script for that. Put this code to your Shelf.
Every time a mesh becoming white select the object and click the icon on the Shelf.

string $select_dd[] = `ls -shapes -sl`;
setAttr ($select_dd[0] + ".displayColors") 1;
setAttr ($select_dd[0] + ".displayColors") 0;

Cheers, D