Substance Painter Live Link

Wow, great tool from Xolotl Studio. Check this out: Tips: Use Tiff files and maximum 16 bit/channel (for Tiffs 32 is not supported by Substance Painter). As displacement the Height map is connected to the Displacement shader (which is also correct), but you have change the Alpha Offset to -0.5 in the Height map’s file node, or at the displacementShader node change the Scalar Zero Value … Continue reading Substance Painter Live Link

Volumetric Fog with Iray

Hi there, A simple tip to create and render volumetric fog and other similar effects with Iray. You can download two MDL package from NVIDIA. vMatrials pack: MDL Material Exchange pack (under the Seamless Material Exchange paragraph): First some facts. Iray currently doesn’t support inhomogeneous volumes. But you can create homogeneous ones (means constant density). In some cases (fog, dusty air, etc.) it will look … Continue reading Volumetric Fog with Iray

Iray 2.0 for Maya

Hi There, After a week of testing here are my thoughts about new Iray renderer. The CPU+GPU engine is really responsive and fast even on a low-end machine (i7 4790 and GTX 980Ti). The integration with Maya is not that great, but it’s getting better. (The ability to render inhomogeneous volumetrics is on the way, as well as the Cryptomatte support. Currently the is no … Continue reading Iray 2.0 for Maya

Iray and Maya | Texturing with Substance Painter

Hi There, I tried the new Iray for Maya plug-in. Well new because it’s a new release, and yes there are some new very welcomed features, but the old problems (for me at least) are still there. The all new website: Here is a guide to Iray to render identical images (compare to Substance Painter) in Maya. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as it should, because … Continue reading Iray and Maya | Texturing with Substance Painter

Useful/Great Scripts for Maya – part 2 (update)

Hi there, Here are a few scripts I use in production: File TextureManager by Feng (Mark) YE Tip: The Browse feature is broken. Maybe I’ll fix it later. Multiple Connection Editor (MEL) by Jim Collins Interactive Boolean Tool (MEL) by Sean Puller Random Object Selection (MEL) by Jordi Fernandez Mora Select Similar (MEL) by Hesham Eissa Multi-Transfer Attribute (python) by Nestor Prado Tips: The indentation is important! Not just for … Continue reading Useful/Great Scripts for Maya – part 2 (update)

Maya Bullet tip – Collisions with Pre-animated Objects

Hi There, Here is a little tip, how to simulate collisions with pre-animated objects using the Bullet simulation system in Maya: Duplicate your already animated object. You may need to create a bit different (optimized) version of it, or you can create a collision object from scratch (maybe multiple objects, depends on the complexity of the original object). Convert the new object (or objects) to … Continue reading Maya Bullet tip – Collisions with Pre-animated Objects