How to use Displacement maps in Substance Painter (Update 2)

Hi there, Unfortunately you can’t bake height/displacement map directly in Substance Painter. If you have a really high resolution model for example in ZBrush, you can create a true dispalcement (32 bit/channel) map for its low/mid resolution version. You can use that map in Substance Painter as Height map. If the displacement texture is a 32 bit/channel .exr file you can do this: Import the … Continue reading How to use Displacement maps in Substance Painter (Update 2)

Albedo/Metallic/Roughness to MILA

Hi there, This is the MILA version of my Albedo/Metallic/Roughness to mental ray conversion shader tree. Content: Maya scene file (Maya 2016 and mental ray 3.13) HDR image for the IBL sifi.sbsar file in the assets folder (downloaded from the Substance Share site) Textures created by the Substance plug-in Make sure you always set the color space attribute to Raw (instead of sRGB) for textures that … Continue reading Albedo/Metallic/Roughness to MILA

Bitmap2Material in Maya

You can use Allegorithmic’s Bitmap2Material software directly in Maya. Because B2M is based on an sbsar file, the workflow is as simple as possible. It’s not fast, but it’s useful. I recommend that you get familiar with the main software first (Bitmap2Material), then use the B2M sbsar file in Maya. Make sure you downloaded the latest version of substance plug-in for Maya. Find the B2M sbsar … Continue reading Bitmap2Material in Maya

Substance plug-in to Arnold

I created a shader tree to convert albedo/metallic/roughness outputs to Arnold standard shader inputs. You can download the project here: Test scene content: a few mesh substance (sbsar file from Substance Share) lights Arnold’s color management settings: Display Driver gamma: 1 Lights: 1 Shaders: 1 Textures: 2.2 More info about that: I used a ramp node to convert the metallic map into an … Continue reading Substance plug-in to Arnold

Substance Maya plug-in again

Here it is. The new version. BUILD UPDATE: substance_plugin-maya – Download from here: Latest Color Managed file nodes fix from me. Useful for mental ray and some other render engine: Install the new plug-in, than replace the original .py file in your Autodesk\Maya2016\plug-ins\substance\scripts folder. Cheers, D Continue reading Substance Maya plug-in again

substance test image

New Subastance plug-in for Maya (build179)

Finally. The new Substance is here. Works really well. Allegorithmic rewrote the whole plug-in. (Bug fixing, new features, all new code in the background.) The color management problems are still there if you want to render with mental ray. I just fix it. 🙂 The new PBR workflow is really great (no color management problems). You can download the plug-in here: And my color … Continue reading New Subastance plug-in for Maya (build179)