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New Subastance plug-in for Maya (build179)

Finally. The new Substance is here. Works really well. Allegorithmic rewrote the whole plug-in. (Bug fixing, new features, all new code in the background.) The color management problems are still there if you want to render with mental ray. I just fix it. 🙂 The new PBR workflow is really great (no color management problems). You can download the plug-in here: And my color … Continue reading New Subastance plug-in for Maya (build179)


First day, If you read this, that means you lost somewhere in “Mayaland”. Do not afraid. I will post often to help you find your way through Maya’s jungle. For start, some useful sites and blogs: Great blogs: Great guys: Places to learn: That is it for now. Cheers, D Continue reading Cheers